Grand Lodge

Grand Lodge of Maine I.O.O.F.

Welcome to our Fraternity:

Our Members are a group of dedicated Brothers who practice life’s guide lines as described in Odd Fellowship’s teachings and rituals. 

Let me personally welcome you to the Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows here in Maine. My name is Boyd Norman
and I am the Grand Master. Odd Fellowship is an excellent opportunity for you to take an active role yourself; being part of the greater good will inspire
your soul and bring an awareness of those around you in need. What a wonderful life I’ve had as an Odd Fellow Member, I’ve built Great Friendships statewide and seen many smiling faces from all walks of life, from the high and low. So are you ready to build a great future? The time is right, give us a call today!

Yours in;
Friendship, Love & Truth Boyd Norman GM

A Fraternity steeped in history serving our Communities for generations. The teachings of Odd Fellowship will transport you back to the very dawn of Friendship. Where lifelong enemies reached out to one another; where deep bonds brought forth Love where there was only fear and from these simple beliefs the Truth of the divine plan is enjoyed.

FLTInitiation: (prepares you for Membership)
Friendship: (first steps forward)
Brotherly Love: (care of the heart)
Truth: (faithful trust)

These principles are the path to service. 


If you believe that Friendship, Love & Truth should be the basic guidelines to live by,

If you believe in a Supreme Being, the Creator & Preserver of the Universe,
If you want to make a difference in your Community, Town or Home,
Then we urge you to contact us and become a working Member of the Greatest Fraternity
you can belong to.

So contact The Grand Lodge Office of Maine IOOF
Office Phone 207-786-3638

Independent Order of Odd Fellows or phone 207-786-3638